Maximises the supply of nutrients

Organically bound trace element chelates with lysine ligand


MAXLYSINAT Cu is an innovative source of copper and the first trace element in the MAXLYSINAT range to receive EU-wide approval as a feed supplement for all animal species.


The product, which is manufactured exclusively by us in a patented process, is the first and still only trace element source based on lysine complexes and chelates.


MAXLYSINAT Cu is characterised by maximum stability, excellent solubility and superior bioavailability.



Copper strengthens the immune system, promotes wound healing and performs a range of other important functions. Copper is therefore essential for any animal production that focuses on performance and animal health.


The essential amino acid lysine plays a central role in protein synthesis and accretion. Lysine is an active ligand that transports trace elements to where they are needed. It therefore plays a promising mediator role for trace elements, boosting their metabolic effect in animals. As a result, both growth and health are actively promoted.



  • Allows reduced lysine supplementation
  • Optimal solubility with maximal stability
  • Unique, patented production process
  • Maximum bioavailability

Range of applications