Supports the digestion of nutrients

MAXFERM is predominantly used in monogastric feeds.
MAXFERM is a protein-rich by-product of solid state fermentation with fungi.


Many cereals contain significant quantities of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP). These carbohydrate fractions can only be digested to a limited extent.


MAXFERM improves the availability of NSP fractions contained in feed mixtures to stabilise digestive processes and thus improve the overall availability of nutrients.


MAXFERM unfolds its outstanding effectiveness particularly in feed mixes containing high proportions of barley, wheat, rye and stillage and in young animals, whose digestive tracts are not yet fully developed.


MAXFERM effects

  • Stabilisation of the gastrointestinal system and support for intestinal health
  • Increased availability of nutrients and energy
  • Flexibility in ration design
  • Improved zootechnical performance parameters


Range of applications