Organically bound trace and bulk element chelates with glycine ligand

guarantees mineral supply

The particularly high bioavailability of MAXCHELAT ensures the reliable supply with adequate trace elements at substantially lower supplementation levels. Lower excretion of nutrients reduces the deposition of heavy metals on agricultural land.


Trace element glycinates support important metabolic processes in animals. The targeted use of MAXCHELAT has a beneficial effect not only on conformation and skeletal development in animals, but also on performance parameters such as birth weight, milk production and growth.


MAXCHELAT ensures that animals are adequately supplied with the trace elements copper, zinc, manganese and iron.



  • High trace element portion
  • Optimal cost efficiency
  • Unique, patented production process
  • Maximum bioavailability

Range of applications

Magnesium is an important bulk element for the animal organism and plays a major role in healthy tooth and skeletal development. As a core mineral cell component, magnesium is also involved in the transmission of stimuli between nerve and muscle cells.


The high bioavailability of MAXCHELAT Mg ensures a reliable magnesium supply even in difficult metabolic environments.

MAXCHELAT Mg is characterised by a high magnesium content and excellent palatability.



  • Maximum bioavailability
  • Adequate supply in keeping with performance needs, even in difficult metabolic environments
  • Good palatability for ready acceptance by animals
  • High bone elasticity

Range of applications