spore forming Bacillus Subtilis


MAXBIOS is a new gut flora stabilizer for efficient and sustainable poultry production based on the spore forming probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis. MAXBIOS’ ability to germinate and proliferate in broilers’ intestine allows it to be efficiently active on the intestinal level, thereby enhancing the digestion of nutrients. This leads to an improvement in feed conversion and growth.




Bacillus species are very attractive for animal feeding as they are able to form endospores, which maintain stability in the stomach and are able to resist chemical and physical stresses such as strong pelleting conditions or long-term storage under warm conditions. These heat stable spore forming living microbes produce certain enzymes and consume oxygen, both creating an optimal environment for lactobacilli. The local immune response is influenced positively.


MAXBIOS effects

  • heat stable, probiotic Bacillus subtilis
  • spore forming, natural and safe
  • inhibitory effect on C. perfringens
  • promoting a beneficial microbiota