MAXACTIVAT/Zn - The product innovation for piglet feeding

The new MAXACTIVAT/Zn is an innovative zinc oxide that has been activated in a special production process and can help to prevent diarrhea in weaned piglets even when supplemented according to EU animal feed legislation.



Provita Supplements has succeeded in activating zinc oxide in a special production process, thereby modifying its functional properties. The activation process leads to a formation of various defects in the lattice and finally distortions of the crystal structure which imply a remarkable increase in internal energy (enthalpy). From pharmaceutics is known, that the development of thermodynamically unstable states in the lattice of solids affects their physiochemical properties. For instance, the reactivity of crystals, their solubility and biological activity are modified, which can influence the therapeutic efficiency of pharmaceuticals. In addition, the activation process achieves a significant reduction in the particle size and an increase in specific surface, which significantly increases the antibacterial effect of zinc oxide.


MAXACTIVAT/Zn can therefore help to prevent diarrheal diseases in weaned piglets, even when supplemented in low doses according to EU animal feed legislation. By simultaneously reducing heavy metal excretions, MAXACTIVAT/Zn also contributes to more sustainable nutrient supplementation in animal nutrition.